Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wear on Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars Part Deux - The Resurrection!

OK...I have swatches for you of the new Rescue Beauty Lounge collection. I know I never officially "swatch" because I'm really more interested in wear as information for you guys because I figure, you're like me. You have jobs, families, friends, errands, car repairs, need to know if that 18 bucks is well spent or if you should save it and get a cheap bottle of something. It's worth it. A few days ago I showed you tip wear but no real chipping. That is what I'm showing you again tonight. This manicure is now 1 week old.

It's getting noticeable here, but I deliberately took the picture at the angle to let you see it best. I covered my index because I had already repainted it with Fortissimo...patience, patience! Yes, it's incredibly gorge, but that's not what we're talking about just now!
Here's the righty: 

Once again, taken deliberately at an angle to show the wear. There is no real chipping here. Also, important to note, I did no good nail care. I repaired it over once and that was it. No Nailtiques, no top coat...nope. This is flat out how it wore. See how I was growing this out? This mani was just tired. It's changed and I have a new one to show you - HOLO! OMG! - but I thought before it went, it might be a good idea to show you what a really good paint job can do. This could have gone a few more days, even another week if I'd taken care of it. This has cooked meals, cleaned the kitchen, done dishes, done a lot of typing and filing at work, a lot of IM'ing...impressive. MOST impressive. (Nod to the Vader. GEEK!)

Rescue Beauty Lounge is a fantastic polish. It seriously is. I so rarely have any problems with it. Also, if you check in on Ji's blog, she's very accessible and will answer questions and comments. She gave me some good pedi advice and I didn't even ask, which was awesome. I've never claimed to be a pro, just a polish hound, so when someone offers sage advice, I'm all ears. I know I shake my fist at her but it's because her product is so bad for my credit rating! I've got a close eye on the BIB releases! Also, she has stated she will no longer put out seasonal collections, something if you've been reading, you know I've mentioned as well. Seasonal? Great color is great color. Period. Yeah, I get that sometimes it's July, the sun is shining and you want Bright Happy Colors! But sometimes it's August and you want dark and moody colors and shucksy-durn, that ain't wrong! Do what I do! Bright summer on one, dark and moody on the other! It's lacquer, not a tattoo. Enjoy it!

Very happy with this one and it's completely beautiful so I know I will wear this one again.

Happy Talons!

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