Friday, September 16, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Brick House

Deborah Lippmann Brick House is part of the new Fall collection. These have been out about a month or so. I did post bottle pics when the haul arrived, but I didn't swatch. Well, now I have.

This is a really lovely copper metallic. It's not so much brick, which I associate with red, but instead a metallic terra cotta? It's really gorgeous. It's very wearable. Here's a better swatch:

I believe this may have been only one coat...Judging by how thin it looks in the first swatch, it might be. I know I had two lacquers that I swatched that were one coaters. This may have been one. A second and third coat sure won't hurt it, if it was. This is so stunning, and so wearable. It's a tricky color for some skin tones, having that much orange in it. Mine should be one of those, however, and it's not.

It's not frosty or shimmery, that is just the metallic finish to it. It's probably my favorite of the Fall collection. They are all beautiful, of course, but this is lovely, lady like, but still a little edgy. It's definitely Fall but I see no reason this can't come out in the Summer and Winter, too.

So...I know when I did the bottle shots I did a comparison to Illamasqua's Shrapnel. In the bottle they are so different. Shrapnel looks more pale, softer, pinker...I had to try it anyways.
This picture really shoes the differences in the bottle colors, but the nails...not so much. You can see Shrapnel is pinker here.

Let's try that again.

Ah. Here we go. This is pretty true to color. It's a tad washed out...and don't ever punch someone like this, you'll break your thumb. I just didn't paint the thumb nail so I hid it. These have about the same kind of metallic finish. Shrapnel leans more towards a foil. They are in the same color family, to be sure, but Brick House is darker, redder, while Shrapnel, denying it's rather fantastic name, is pinker, softer and more delicate. They are both gorgeous. I would say Brick House is a more true copper while Shrapnel is the color of rose gold. And they both look good on my super white skin, which normally rejects anything passing for orange. I just wear oranges anyways!

So what do you think? Brick House, totally beautiful? I think so too.

It went on nicely, like a Lippmann should. You're paying top dollar for it, it better go on nicely! I think this was two coats, to be honest. I think I took that first swatch and slapped another coat on. It's two coats of Shrapnel as well. Both polishes apply so nicely. I can't complain about either brand, honestly.

I think when it comes down to it, if you love this color, get a hold of both of these. They are different enough. If you like this color then I'd choose one, purely on your own preference or skin tone. These are top shelf lacquers with top shelf prices, and I confess, if I hadn't purchased Shrapnel some time ago, I would likely have not bought both. That, my fellow polish hounds, is up to you!

Happy Talons!!

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