Friday, November 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Shake Your Groove Thing (yeah yeah!)

I've never really worn a Deborah Lippmann chunky glitter. (Ducks flying tomatoes aimed at my head) I love them, I've lemminged them, I've bought them and gazed with wide-eyed wonder at the amazing sparkle. Sparkle that is specifically designed to entrap creatures like birds and squirrels and nail polish addicted bloggers. Lippmanns are glitters that take no prisoners. They say "I sparkle!" and they mean it. They sparkle like Vegas show girls. Check this out:

Shake Your Groove Thing (I want to say "Thang") is a clear base with big gold hex glitter. There isn't a lot more I can say to describe it than that. It's densely packed with glitter and probably should really be a top coat. This was two coats here.

Like anything else I will show you, do what you gotta do, but the clear base makes this tricky as a solo polish. See on the middle nail where the glitter clumped up? That kind of thing is what I'm talking about. It's simply a hazard of this kind of polish, but if you want to wear it solo, be sure to keep an orange stick nearby so you can derail these little pile ups. I couldn't get to one with wet nails so we have to live with it. I didn't think. Derrrr....

It really is dazzling, though. Lots of reflective shine going on. The second coat really puts the glitter on because it catches on the first coat, or that's my theory. The polish is densely packed with glitter particles, and they are thick. This does not go on smooth, not that I think you expected something like this would. It has texture, and texture you won't easily smooth out. That can be OK when you're sporting this kind of shine, but it's something to make note of.

One more shot for the road.
Pretty amazing isn't it? Like I said before, there isn't much I can say to do it justice. I have to let the pictures speak for themselves!

Happy Talons!

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