Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NailTek...Some thoughts on the glass file

My friend  has problem nails. She has always had really great nail beds, long and elegant, but the nails themselves are just causing her no end of grief. I'm hoping to convince her to write a guest post one day on what's worked, what hasn't...the best I've been able to do for her is some suggestions and a recommendation to try a really good ridge filler. She's said that does work for her and has made a difference. I believe she's using Seche right now...but I would also suggest she try out Zoya. It's all natural and vegan, two things I know she appreciates.

Another friend of hers gave her the gift of a NailTek glass file. I'm told it's changed her world entirely! Because it's a very gentle grit, it doesn't cause tearing and splintering mess for her. I've used glass files in the past and find them fantastic for smoothing out rough patches that can come from the splitting and splintering that softer nails, like mine, can do. It's SO annoying! A glass file can take care of that for awhile, until you can REALLY fix it. However, girlfriend is finding that on her ridgey nails, this is the cat's ass. So if ridges or soft nails are something you struggle with, this could be something to look into. Plus, they come with a cute little case!

If you happen to be surfing around on their site and are curious about their other products and cruelty free is an issue you support, then I'd like to let you know that I did email their customer service and got a really straight up answer, which I appreciate. If I weren't so staunch on the issue, I would support them just for that. I asked if their products and ingredients were cruelty free. They answered that their products are but they are not able to verify that of their ingredients. Fair enough. I really did appreciate the complete lack of legalese and double talk.

Here's a linky to their site, the glass file in particular:  NailTek Crystal File

What tools do you guys love? I'm always looking for new tools!!

OH! And on really really fun notes, both my Rescue Beauty and Glitter Gal pre-orders have shipped! WOOT!

Just a reminder, Glitter Gals are now available in the States through
Highly recommend them just for the great service. Also a big distributor of BB Couture. That's where I go for my BBCs!

Happy Talons!

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