Thursday, September 8, 2011

Glitter Gal - Lizard Belly - The Wear...

The wear on this...not good. It's gorgeous and I'll wear it again. I cannot lie, the holo goodness is phenomenal, it rivals even Nfu-Oh, possibly is more holo than that and doesn't appear to need a special base coat. I'm still determining Nfu-Oh's cruelty free status so I don't have any posted, but if you do a Google, you'll find plenty out there. They are fantastic lacquers and are in the cutest bottles, but I stopped purchasing those when I made the decision to just flat not support animal testing any longer and I won't blog them until I know for sure where they are.

However. This post isn't about that! I did take a couple of pics just a bit ago without the flash and I think they represent the sort of everyday kind of normal look you'll get from this polish at your office or wherever you're not going to have direct light pointed right at your talons. It also shows the wear...These posts are way behind normal wear because I did each of the Rescue Beauty's individually, so just note that. I put this polish on Thursday night and it started chipping Friday. Humph. Kind of expensive for that. I just did Seche base and top and maybe that is not the best thing for this polish. I have a few others so I will be trying to test that out as I wear them. Maybe a different top coat would fix this. Take a look:

Erp. See that?

Oh my. That is not making your Tricksie ecstatic right there.

Not sure what the trouble is. I do put my hands through a lot, but this is not normal. The polish went on beautifully and I was optimistic this meant it would wear beautifully. It is perfectly smooth so it's not a matter of a glitter particle getting caught and ripping off...I don't know. For now I'm marking this up to a bad top coat pairing and leaving it at that.
Now the question is, I get my nails done on Wednesday and it's Monday now. Do I repaint them? I guess I could, then I could swatch another color for you...Maybe a Cult Nails?

Happy Talons!

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