Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies - Heh, Draw Blood

Deborah Lippmann's Fall collection is full of deep, dark, brooding colors. Single Ladies is hardly the least of these. It's red. Blue red, blood red...take your pic. It's intense, it's brooding, it's deep. I wouldn't call it dark. It IS sexy.

Hm, in the light of the flash, this could definitely have used another coat, don't you think? I believe this is two but it may be one. Everything I swatched that night went on so beautifully. Not a huge help to you guys, but keep in mind that as these are swatches, I didn't bother with a base coat so a good base coat/primer might settle this question immediately. I did not mentally note any application problems so I think this Single Lady just needs another coat of polish.

This almost has a red plum feel to it, doesn't it? It's really amazing. I do love this color. But see what I mean? Blood red. Gorgeous to be sure, but slightly dangerous. It's so pigmented, so rich...mmhmm. This is a keeper, to be sure.

Here's another shot:

Don't mind the cuticle there...oops. I might have been getting tired by this time. I did a lot of paint paint paint, remove remove remove that night.

This is a straight up creme. There isn't anything else happening in there. No hidden sparkly, no glam except it's innate glam! This is 1940s Joan Crawford-Norma Shearer in The Women (the real one, not that debacle that came out a couple years ago) cat fight red. If that movie hadn't been in black and white, for the most part, this would be the pivotal Jungle Red!
I'm not romantic about nail polish. Who? Me? **rolls eyes at self**


What do you think? Picking this one up or do you have enough reds? This is beautiful and I love it, but if you might have something similar. It's not setting the originality wheel on fire, but you know what? You don't always need original. Sometimes you need classic. This is classic.

Happy Talons!

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