Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge L'Oiseau de Feu - Fortissimo

Fortissimo closes out the collection on a bang. Things started delicate and sweet and end dark and strong. Fortissimo is a unique dark dark brown, I would say, that definitely has a charcoal sort of feel to it, there is grey in it, to be sure:
This is pretty true to color. It is very dark. It has none of the shimmer, this is a straight cream, but a gorgeous one. It's brown but can you see the grey there? Very pretty, very vampy...nice how it turns darker as the nail curves around.

I have one more shot, I thought I had more. Hm.

This has a touch of blur, but the color is true. Isn't that lovely? I like it. I find at times that I tend to like darker colors, maybe because I'm so pale they look really dramatic on me? Not sure.

This whole collection is just amazing. I'm so glad I landed it. I love all of them. See why I had to swatch them, regardless? I just had to! I had to try them all out. That doesn't often happen so I'm thrilled with these!

Do you think you'll pick these up for yourselves?

Happy Talons!

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