Thursday, December 1, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, the Women's Collection - Sloth

I have a confession to make. My parents used to call me "Sloth" when I was younger. I associate this word with this:

(Image stolen from

Cute isn't he? He will also move at about the speed of...drunken snails. This is where my nickname came from, not from the sin. I was always reading and busy in my head, much like today, and when called I could take a small eternity to turn up.

THIS Sloth, however, is a gorgeous dark deep dirty brown with red micro shimmer. It's...very unslothlike unless you are one vampy sexy sloth.

Oooo. Don't you love it?

It's blending in to the background too much to show the red too well here. Plus, I got sloppy! Oops!

This is such a lovely complex color. It has a lot going on but it's not crazy. It's a wonderful Fall color, something about it suggests sweaters and cold, doesn't it?

Deep, dark brown, highly pigmented, lots of color, very opaque...

You can see hints of the red here. It's so dark but it's also sort of sedate. Sloth waits... ;)

Gorgeous! You can see here how the red micro shimmer adds to the color complexity without becoming distracting. I love that about these formulas. It's like wearing sexy lingerie. You might be the only one who knows it's there but it changes how you think of the world that day. That micro shimmer adds a splash, a hotness, but it's quiet about it. It's so pretty!

I really made a mess in this swatch. I think I was getting tired. However, this is a very wearable, beautiful brown with a lot of richness to the color and finish. I'm loving it and as you know, I'm not a great lover of browns.

Happy Talons!!

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