Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather with Narcisco Rodriguez

The last of the Deborah Lippmann Fall Collection is Stormy Weather with Narcisco Rodriguez. It's a slate grey cream, like the color of wet concrete. It went on beautifully, as to be expected, and is richly pigmented.

Pretty, huh? There is a dirtiness to the color I kind of like. This has no top coat on it, that's it's natural sheen. Lovely.

Here is another shot, I took this with the flash on and then dummed down the exposure because it turned out WAY lighter than this is really. This is close:

It has quite a lot of blue in it, which gives it a  bit of something extra from a standard grey. This color is pretty complex for a straight up cream.

Also pretty close to actual, but with different lighting.

It's a striking color. I am wondering how this would compare to the darker greys in the Nubar Fortress collection...I didn't think of that before. Maybe I will have to try that comparison!

Happy Talons!

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