Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cult Nails Devious Nature

I did do a swatch of Cult Nails Devious Nature. There seemed to be a lot of interest in it according to the sort phrases that are bringing readers to this little blog, so I thought, maybe I should give you all what you're after! It is beautiful, it was hardly a hardship!

In the bottle, I thought this might have a fuschia kind of flash to it, but it doesn't translate to the nail at all. Instead, I think it gives the polish a richness of color. This is a bright and flashy Barbie pink. It has hints of blue in it that in some lights gives it a lavender kind of feel but it's definitely pink.

Please don't mind the nail line there, that isn't this polish. I had swatched about 9 before this, most of them dark. I also somehow managed to pick up the non-acetone remover...better for your nails? Certainly. As good at removing lacquer? Not a chance. So I had some build up there...if it wasn't for that, this would have no VNL.

Isn't that pretty? It went on so nicely, it's a really creamy formula, one that I enjoyed working with. See how nice my cuticles look? That's not my skill, that's the result of a really easy to manipulate lacquer.

Here's another shot of it:

See what I mean about the blue? However, you couldn't call this anything but pink. It's really pretty. It's a very wearable color. It's not in your face but it's vibrant and alive. I suspect that just about any skintone could carry this off well and it can take you from work to an interview to dinner and not be out of place at any one. Very nice.

Here's one more pic to show the nice saturation of color:

This is two coats. You can do a third but I can't say I think the color would be intensified. Did I mention how creamy this is? It shows!

I look forward to actually wearing a Cult Nails polish to see what the wear is like. As this is a swatch, all I have here are two coats of color nothing else. That shine is all the lacquer's doing. Nice, huh?

Happy Talons!

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