Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on Orly Emberstone

Hm. I finally threw in the towel on this beauty. Wear just wasn't what I expected from an Orly. Orly is generally the BMWWU's favorite polish brand. This didn't live up to that, unfortunately. It was weird, though. You'll see that here. I'll point it out's just odd.

See the thumb? Now see everything else? Not really any tip weird. It either came off in a piece or it didn't come off.

See? There's a little tipwear on the pinky and middle fingers, the ring finger has none and the index...well, that's a deal breaker in my world. Off it came.

This isn't horrific or anything...but it's disappointing. I guess I just expected more.

Beautiful color, though...Hm. I'll wear it again, but not if I'm planning to wear it for long.

Happy Talons!

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