Sunday, September 25, 2011

OMG, why won't these swatches upload???

OK, guys. I'm still fighting with the Orly swatches. I do not know what the freak is the problem. I get very vague messages error. OK. I am getting some up, though, so hang in there...I may only be able to do a color at a time, which is not what I wanted. I feel like I cheat you guys when I do that. I wanted to post this whole collection. Maybe this is the fates telling me...nahhhhh!

OK, so let's talk about Emberstone because I'm wearing it, and all the swatches I took of it actually did load.

This is a gorgeous shimmery coral. It has quite a lot of red in it and a lot of sparkle, of course, that's the hallmark of the mineral polishes. It dries smooth, so no worries there. This is actually a fair representation of it...please don't mind the over-spray. I wasn't apparently feeling very careful when I did these swatches! OOPS!

Here you can see where the orange comes in, which is partly what makes this so complex. It looks good on me, too, which is cool. I'm still wearing this, I wish I could say it's wearing well...given the amount of swatch trouble I've been having with this collection, I don't have a wear swatch up yet, but I will try to get that done for you before I take it off. I also have a split I need to deal with so this may as well change at that time as it's chipping.

It's so pretty, though!! See the hot pink flash? Yeah...I'm not sure you're going to notice that...let me see...

THERE you go! Now it's pointed out! And look what I learned, I can do cute rounded edges as well! Likey! Here too, you can see the gold, which..honestly, I kind of expect to see in this color family. Silver would just look...dirty, I think. It does lend it some fire, I have to say.

OK, so...the pink flash. That shows up on the nail. It's not a bottlephenom. 

I know I got a swatch of it somewhere...

Not really, but you can see kind of what it does here. It softens things up, gives it a je ne sais quoi sort of quel'que chose...

Here you can kind of see it on the index and ring fingers particularly. See that hot pink in there, in the sparkly? Yeah. Pretty sweet. It adds a shot of unexpected and takes a sparkly coral and makes it slightly mysterious and fascinating. This swatch also does a good job of showing the glass fleck sort of arrangement they have happening here. SO pretty. See the hint of purple as well? Cooooollll.

This color is so wearable, as well. A coral...that's pretty standard stuff. It was the go-to polish after they figured out women would wear something besides red. There are a lot of really pretty ones out there, don't get me wrong, and I do wear corals quite a lot. It's BMWWU's favorite. I am always on the lookout for a hot new coral just for her if not for any other reason.

In some lighting you can see, this looks really pretty red. It looks red right here in this last swatch...It's red, it's orange, it has pink flash, purple flash (you can see that in this swatch, too. Maybe all my swatches should be vaguely fuzzy...don't think so!), gold does it all.

Emberstone, indeed! I like. I just wish it were wearing better, which I will try to show you tomorrow night.

Kinda depressed about it really, because typically a sparkly lot of goodness like this will wear and wear. This hasn't. Sad. But I guess it's just an excuse to go ahead and wear a different one, huh?

Pssstttt....yeah you! Come here! **whispers** That's why we're polish hounds. Chips are just an excuse to wear a different color!

I hope you like as much as I do!

Happy Talons!

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