Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A-England - Free World-Wide Shipping!

I haven't swatched my whole A-England collection because...well, as you guys may know, I tend not to swatch a lot, though...readers like it so I do do it at times. It's fun for me, too. BUT, I know there is a lot of blogger buzz on the A-England polishes and I confess, I love them as well. Gorgeous colors, easy application, good wear...I mean, look up my post on Iseult if you're curious about wear! Freaking wouldn't die! And stayed lovely until I finally took it off, too. No yellowing, no bad chipping...great, great polish.

So, I wanted to alert you to the fact that they are getting ready to launch their second collection and they are having Free World-Wide Shipping! If you're curious about them at all, this is a good time to check them out. Shipping from England can be hella expensive. Take advantage to save a little and try a new brand, why don't ya?

Here's a swatch of my collection, in the bottles, obviously, just to give you a taste. It's a seriously delightful and fun line, and I think if you try it you will love it as well. And yeah, I'm posting it so they are all good on animal cruelty.

Why are you still here? GO! ORDER! Now!  :)

Happy Talons!

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