Friday, September 23, 2011

Next on Deck

I have swatched and have some wear thoughts on the new Orly Mineral FX collection, which I loves. I had to hit two separate Sallys, across town from one another mind you, to score this whole collection, but it was so worth sitting through that one light THREE times. And bonus, they were on sale.


Ever notice there is always a "however"?

The uploads are being just painful. I have some great swatches...but getting them up where I can use them is proving to be challenging to say the least. I am exhausted, which doesn't help matters, does it?

So. Maybe I will start this project with the first I actually wore. I am wearing another right now. They're gorgeous, seriously. I feel like I say that about everything, but...these really are pretty amazing.

So Let's take a look at my probable favorite, which I had to get on my nails right now, RIGHTNOW!

GAH this is a terrible color to capture. This is what it looks like, only dumbed down. It is a dark grey, gunmetal sort of color. This is not a jelly. The thing is...see all that sparkle that's making it look like a ManGlaze? It's not really silver. Some of it is, I suppose, but most of it is HOLO. Yes. That's right, lads. Holo. It's gorgeous. It reflects the light and it dries smooth. Pretty cool, eh?

Yep. That looks an awful lot like Goth right there, which it is not. Not First off, it's not black. Second...those silver particles are holographic and every color under the sun. I have to be able to do better than this.

K...that's a little better. Blurry in sunlight...yeah, yeah...

Ow. That's giving me a headache. Quick! Before you look away, see the colors? See that? Now imagine that exponentially more intense. THAT would be Rock Solid. I loves it.

OK, so it wore well for the 4 days I had it on. Some tip wear but nothing you couldn't fix. It goes on pretty opaque and covers well. This is two coats. I didn't notice any drag on it, so it was pretty easy to apply and like I mentioned, it dries nice and smooth. No bumps. Coming off was a whole other matter. It was like Studio 54 at the nail salon. Oops!

I am trying out a new top coat, I'll review that separately once I've played with it more. It's really meant for a UV light, which I didn't realize and don't have. It seems to be doing OK.

What do you think? What to check out this collection?

I intend to swatch the whole collection together soon, probably for Saturday's post. I really like it! I hope you will like it as well so you'll buy it and encourage Orly to do some more of these fun polishes.

Happy Talons!

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