My Manifesto

Why I write this:

Lacquer Love: Love of color, shine, sparkle and shimmer. Why? Because we live in it, because we use it to change our mood, to feel powerful, to control how the world views us and sometimes to say we don't care how the world views us. Our Talons are our signatures, our claws, our statements. They speak without saying a word.

What I promise to you, my readers:

1. No discontinued polishes you can't freely get SOMEWHERE at the time of my post. Maybe you can no longer get it from the manufacturer website when I post it but you will be able to get it somewhere and I will try to tell you where I found it. No more impossible lemmings. Not from me.

2. I will not knowingly review and promote any product tested on animals. I will sometimes slip because the information out there on this topic is confusing and usually conflicting. I always try to correct this when I have learned I was wrong.

3. I will seek out new brands, easily available brands and not just the high end stuff. I will try to make being cruelty free easy and accessible, as much as possible. I believe if it's easier to acquire we are more likely to do it.


  1. Hey There!

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say 'Hi!'. I love that you are a cruelty-free blogger and I added your blog to My Cruelty-Free Blog Roll here:

    If you would like me to remove your blog just shoot me an email.


    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I appreciate that. It's a cause I truly and honestly try to support in whatever little way I can.
      Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll, let's spread the word!

      I'll check out your blog, too!