Friday, August 26, 2011

Worst Blogger EVER!

K, you guys. I have not forgotten you, just been tied up with other things. I apologize. I'd love to tell you I was back in force, but I'd be lying. I hope to be...

This has been, as Ruby Pumps put it, an apocalyptic nail week. First, that tear completed itself. Second, I wiped out spectacularly at work and broke two more, one of which I didn't realize I'd broken until later so no gluing that back on. I looked at them and said "Screw it" and cut them all off. I really like this length! They're short but we're going to come into fall soon and darker colors will be in my mood and...I like it! I may keep them shorter for awhile. My tumble was bad, I smacked my knee, it was bleeding, and my butt is bruised. So is my pride. I also pulled a hip flexor so badly...Ugh. I hurt.

I was so grateful to get a manicure last night. SO grateful. I would like to draw your attention to the torn off nail. Let's have a round of applause for the BMWWU, please.

Haaa, check that out. She had to glue the nail back on to get it this long. You can't even see it. I can't feel it and it's so good to have it back! 

Under the Stars is a really dark navy, it's actually darker in normal light. Well, obviously! It's not this's more blue, but this isn't a bad representation. It has a subtle sparkle to it, but it's really hard to pick up on a camera. I really like it, especially on shorter nails. Please don't mind the tip wear. That wasn't the polish, that was me having a completely rubbish day and not being patient enough to really let the polish dry. I bungled my right thumb but good.

I have another pic against the black top on the driveway....

Isn't that pretty? I was having trouble getting light on them that wouldn't cast a shadow, this is what I found. It works well, I think! Kind of a cool picture.

So far it's wearing great, like an RBL will. I love the color, I love it's edgy...the sparkly is a fun surprise. It looks much more like a glitter in the bottle..

See all that shimmer? It doesn't really translate like that on the nail. It's more subtle. It's definitely there, but it's not as distinct. It's also not as teal...interesting.

I was in such a bad head space when I had my mani the other night that I can't even tell you what she did. I know she glued my nail back on...I can't tell you what base coat this is, what top coat...I think it's Poshe quick dry top coat. It's two coats Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars...BMWWU did make a comment that it was a bit difficult to use. It's highly pigmented and rich, making cuticles a little hard, but look at them. Perfect as usual.

Do we like it? I love it, but what do you think?

Happy Talons!

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