Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Mythicals in their mythical entirety

OK, I took the Mythicals collection all together. I had some glare but I got one good picture, I think. Once you have them laid out and can see them you can see how lovely and complimentary but still diverse this collection is. I'm really becoming a fan of it. Iseult is on day 4 and going strong! I am going to do a couple swatches later to show the progression on lack of wear.

Here it is, in all it's glory!

Hm. Well, there is some bad glare there. I'm sorry. I really tried to eliminate it. I need some work, I guess. I like this collection. I love the progression of purples, the progression of greys/silvers and then there are some standouts for good measure. You can see the pink of Iseult well in this picture, the very first bottle at the upper left. PINK. So far I've been so impressed with this line and will be there when another collection comes out to see what they've done next.

Happy Talons!

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