Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game, wicked indeed!!

I suffered a really bad nail break this week. I didn't feel it go, which is fortunate, and it wrecked my last manicure, which was wearing pretty well. It was a new OPI so I have no swatches of it. I don't remember the name of it, it was coral. It was from the Stems collection. That's really about all I can tell you. I had taken colors and then left them under my desk at work and wound up using one of BMWWU's colors. I told her I just wouldn't swatch it.

Here's the tear:
I know, right? How bad does that suck? I was really really lucky. I attempted a repair, which held for about an hour. Then I had to send an SOS to BMWWU to get her to fix it. She thinks my repair didn't hold because my glue was old. Very well may have been. So she fixed it and you can barely tell. I'm babying it as much as I can but I'm ambi and used to being able to use both hands and it's really hard for me. So far it's holding. The only problem being, she buffed the glue so smooth that when I tried to paint it to match my new manicure, the paint basically slid off. It was hilarious but not at 11:30pm with a 5:25am alarm the next morning. Ugh. It's been nekkid ever since. I'm going to try some Orly Nail's not smooth basecoat, it's rough, it has fibers in it. Maybe that would stick. We'll see.

Here's how it looks now:
Isn't she amazing? If you hadn't seen the initial picture, which was right after I had discovered it, you would never know there was anything wrong. I will still need to be very careful of it. That's way up in the quick...My swatches will likely reflect much shorter nails and probably some darker colors for awhile, just because my nails will be shorter! We'll have to shorten them to protect this one. Ah well.

Anyways. I did a repair on this and then repainted all my nails. I chose Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game, which I have had for awhile. It's still widely available, though I think it's been out for awhile. It's a great polish.

It's fantastical, isn't it? It's sort of mesmerizing. You can see where I had done acrylic powder to try to seal that break still around my cuticles. OOPS! This was before it broke again. This is one of those colors you want to keep looking at. It's hypnotic and so beautiful. There is something kind of wicked about it You feel a little like you're being pulled into Maleficent's mirror!

Here is another shot:

I don't really know what you could do to make it more perfect. I love this. It's multi-chrome goodness at it's best. I don't have a swatch that shows it but at times it flashes green. It has silver, purple, green, fuschia...every color of the rainbow, as BMWWU put it. She said it is every color for every woman, and who doesn't want that. I bet on a different skin tone you would have a different polish.

It has worn really well. I've had it on now for 4 days and I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom today. Because of that break, which BMWWU thinks could be a result of all the dishes I'm doing and the hot water doing some tricks on my nail beds I've been wearing rubber gloves. Now...I hate wearing rubber gloves. I seriously do .I invariably manage to get water in them anyway and then they become the glove equivalent of wet jeans. UGH **shudders** I think after making this pineapple cheesecake thing for my Dad (OMG, fabulous) and then Irish Cream Brownies and then deciding that I won't just clean the top of the cupboards and everything displayed there but also the ceiling fan and all it's globes. and washing every cooking pot and utensil in the house because I'd used them all...the rubber gloves took their toll. It still doesn't look bad but it's definitely got some wear on it. I don't know of a lacquer that wouldn't, honestly. It's passable, but I'll change it tomorrow and start the week off right.

The Mechanics:

1 coat Seche Base Coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Seche Rebuild
2 coats Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game
1 coat Seche Top Coat.

The top coat kind of did a number on this. It appeared to wrinkle the polish under it on some nails. It was very odd. Then it smoothed out. It wasn't anything you could have felt under the thickness of the Seche but you could see it. It also caused a couple tips to pucker. I'm wondering if it's getting old. It's not starting to apply thickly, but I've seen Seche do this to polish before. We'll see. Once it starts to gum up I'll probably go back to Poshe just because I think it behaves a little better and it's easier for me to get.

Wicked Game...wicked, indeed! It's one of those shiny things that lures you in and captures you. I love it. Hope you love it, too!

Happy Talons!

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