Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some new BB Coutures

Yeah....I just bought a couple because...I don't know. I can. Just a few, mainly in the purple family. I must have been in a mood, but then, no one does as many or as diverse purples as BB Couture I don't think. They respect the purple and I respect that.

Swatch Sacrificed to the Swatch Gods...I will try to get it retaken. Humph.

These are, starting upper left and working across and down: Vampire Bite, Midnight Malibu, Ravager (one of the best names ever), Balboa Beach Bunny and Psycho for your Love, which is another terrific name. You can tell they have fun at BB Couture.

Only Vampire Bite is a creme, all the others either shimmer, are frost-like, or glitter, with Midnight Malibu - which has teal sparkle by the way - and Balboa Beach Bunny the sparkly stand-outs.

More lovely colors from one of my faves. Gotta love it. Balboa Beach Bunny might be the next pedicure....Loving it.

Happy Talons!

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