Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A-England Mythicals, the rest of the collection, and Perceval on Moms

I think I had mentioned previously that I had broken down and ordered the rest of The Mythicals from A-England, didn't I? Well, if I didn't, I did! So glad I had a mental lapse because these are amazingly beautiful. (I just realized that at some point I dripped a tiny little perfectly round drop of some lacquer or other - I frequently do my nails at my desk while typing...bad, bad idea - on my keyboard. Actually looks like what I'm wearing right now which I don't think got anywhere near my keyboard. WTF? Whatever.) There is just such saturation of color. Take a look:

Consider this a teaser because I have a label shot for you as well as a side shot to really show the colors. I took so many in part because I wanted a good shot of that one on the bottom, which looks white? It's not. It's pink. It's really pink. It's EFF YOU! I'm pink! pink. I am wearing it right now, but want to give it it's own post so you'll have to hold on for that one. I will spill this much right now...3 days later and it's holding up GREAT.

Here's a label shot, in exactly this order so if there is something here you see that you like, you can know what you're after:

Camelot is the true black here. Remember how I'd said that Lancelot looks black? If you check back to the "How an insane polish addicted blogger pics her next mani" post, you can see a shot of Lancelot and that you can see the red in it. Camelot has no such red or anything else. It's black. Like...BLACK. Perceval and Avalon are both rich, rich jewel tones and Perceval has a lovely metallic sheen to it. Avalon...I know we've seen colors like this before, butterLondon HRH is coming immediately to mind, but I think this is it's own thing here. The other two purples are creams and more muted, but unique. Guinevere more saturated than butterLondon Muggins...I need to do some comparisons, I think, because I believe all these to be unique and of themselves. The only one I was really hesitant about is Holy Grail. It's a very yellow metallic gold and while lovely, I think may lobster paw my hands to a level of sickly redness hitherto unknown to man, but only testing will tell.

I have swatches of Perceval on Moms, but first the side shot of the color with no distractions:

Check out Merlin, over left...silvery goodness....You can see a gold flash in Perceval but that didn't translate on the nail at all. I think it gives depth, and lord knows, these colors offer depth, and adds to the metallic quality of it without distracting. Very nice. These are completely lovely and now that I've actually applied 3 of them, two on me and one on Moms...oh yeah. This is the stuff, lads. Applies beautifully, nice manageable formula, richly's the true deal. Do not fear this little independent. It delivers the goods: great color, great performance and fun to play with.

I ordered directly from their website both times and received great service very fast. This order arrived faster than one I made on the same day from the States and it had to go cross-continental. The special they had been running on world-wide shipping has evidently ended, despite the weirdness on the website with the dates, but even so, I think I paid 2 British Pound Sterling? Pssht. Whatevsies! I urge you again to check the website out for yourselves:


I am tempted to do a full collection pic and probably I will, but not tonight. It's later than I intended and I apologize, but even I have to sleep sometime. Despite the insomnia...

So...Moms was still on a red kick, which was cool because she had been kind of on an ONLY PINK kick at first, but she's branching out. She's really hard on her polish for some reason. I'm not sure what she's doing, but she has one hand that is problematic so maybe it's just a case beating up the one and killing the polish. Not sure. So she kind of killed Perceval **snigger**. I had to take swatches of her gimpy hand, her special fin...It still looks damn good!

In reality it has less glitter effect and more metallic. It's odd it did this in the pictures. However, note the lovely smokiness it gets as the nail curves. Isn't that delightful? Incidentally, the neurosurgeon who has her wearing red snorted at this in a most ungentlemanly manner, I'm told. Hmph. Well, what does he know besides salt water fishing and neuro-pathways, I ask you? Not color! Look at this! It's gorgeous!

Here's another shot:

Pretty great, am I right? SO true. As you can see, no real wear here. This was over a week old. Granted, this little paw isn't exactly taking on the world right now, but she does try to use it. Her left was a hot mess and I don't know why. Really it was just one nail...she just lost a big chunk of that one lonely nail. The rest all wore well. I didn't take a snap of that, though. She was tired and had had some pain meds and was only tolerating my futzing around with her. This came off a few scant hours later, with her special request for "purple". WHOA. WAY outside the comfort zone with purple. So Moms may do another cameo here because the one we wound up with, while fab, was more magenta and looks great on her.

Back to Ser Perceval....see how it blackens as the light changes? It's completely lovely.

The mechanics of this mani were simple for her. She has nails as tough as hooves, though you can see the ridges there. On her last mani on Sunday I did a Zoya ridge filler on her and I'll let you know how that did when I do a post of her current manicure, which I'm almost sure I will.

1 coat Seche Base Coat
2 Coats A-England Perceval
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

I did actually have a little fun with this before we removed it. I put a coat of BB Couture Fairy Blood over her index nail and butterLondon Chancer over her birdie. Check it out:

Kinda fascinating what happens, isn't it? The Fairy Blood takes it to a true red area while the Chancer brings out the pink. Also, in person, Chancer had a lot more obvious sparkle to it while Fairy Blood was more subtle. Don't be afraid to click this to see it a little better. I think a larger pic will show the more dense glitter in Chancer without a problem. Chancer is SO red...It's a pretty clear jelly base so I think it makes Perceval look pinker by comparison? I'm not completely sure what's happening there, but I like it!

Any thoughts out there? These are some great polishes. Do check them out. I think you'll be glad you did. Do you think you'll pick any of these up?

And while we're talking about a British brand called A-England, let's give a thought to the victims of the rioting and those who have been hurt. I haven't had a chance to see much on this, I hope no one has been killed, but I know it's bad in London right now. I hope all our British friends are doing OK over there and staying safe. Tragic. What has happened there, both the rioting and the cause of it is just a crying shame. Man's inhumanity to man, indeed.

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