Sunday, August 14, 2011

A-England Iseult - It FINALLY chipped!

A-England Iseult is a Rock of Gibraltar lacquer, apparently. It's this very pretty pearly delicate pink. It's so pink that it's almost EFF YOU! I'm PINK! See for yourself:

ETA: Something ate this picture, it's just gone. :(

You can see a little weirdness on the tip of the middle finger...please ignore that. I had trouble with that nail. It just wouldn't dry. I think it was something funky with how I applied that nail because the others were just fine. I don't know really, what happened there.
The pink is actually a lot more intense than it looks here. The color is much more saturated than this. Iseult was an elusive color to photograph, she just wouldn't really cooperate. This was fresh last Sunday.

By Wednesday I was going...what is the deal with this stuff, it's awesome!

See any tip wear there? Yeah. me neither. This was Day Three at work. I think my Seche is getting old, you can see some lift there on the index Well, this picture looks a tad too dark, actually. The real shade is somewhere between these two.

Today it finally chipped. It's Saturday. This manicure is 7 days old, my chicas.

No wear at all. Nothing visible. I guess I should have included the thumb as well, but it shoes no real wear, either.

Here's the right:

You can see I got a mouse bite out of my pinky nail. I missed my regular manicure this week so this is pretty normal for me when they start to get this long. You can see the polish is weakening on the middle finger but it hasn't peeled and you would never notice this if it wasn't such an extreme close up. Unfortunately, I got a shadow on this swatch but it really shows what's happening so well. I have another of this hand with a flash...

This is an OK representation of the color. Unfortunately the lens chose to focus on my hand and not my nails, but you can see what you need to see from this.

So yeah. SEVEN days. Can you believe that? I am starting to get really sick of it, honestly! :p The next color won't be pink...Pale and delicate Iseult wearing like titanium. Pretty awesome.
This is really very pretty. You can see in some of these swatches the tiny particles that make it pearly and soft. Every single one of these shows a different aspect of Iseult's personality, I guess. This is all the same manicure, I promise you.

The mechanics of it were:

1 Coat Seche Base coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Seche Rebuild
3 coats A-England Iseult, though 2 would have done. I did 3 to intensify the color and I think it looks a bit better, but 2 would do it.
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

This is all with the exception of the left index finger which will be growing out its repair for some time. That one I did 2 coats Orly nail armor instead of everything up to the color, then 3 coats of color, etc.

The application was nice. This is a thicker polish, there wasn't anything tricksy about it, but I find that A-Englands tend to have some "heft" to them, so to speak. They're highly pigmented, they cover well and they go on thick. I don't mind that in a polish, I find it a lot easier to control than watery, that's for sure.

I have not been a good nail mommy, I haven't reapplied top coat, I haven't done anything. It just wore really really well. Impressively, in fact. I'm pleased I picked up this line.

I hope you like it! Happy Talons!

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