Monday, August 29, 2011

Wear on Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars

I thought I'd give you an update on how well Rescue Beauty Lounge's Under the Stars is wearing. It's doing OK, considering a good part of my weekend has been spent cooking and doing dishes, cleaning up generally...I have some tip wear, but you have to expect that. This manicure is now 4 days old. (I'm writing this Sunday night to run Monday afternoon.) They were done Wednesday evening, you may remember, and I had bungled one. That repaired beautifully. You can't even tell it now. I didn't take a before pic, so there's no point in an after. I did repair that, then repaint all 10 just to rejuvenate the color and try to cover the little tip wear I did have.

 Then I did a stupid and put Seche Vite over it. I think I thought...the top coat of polish is wet so it should be OK, right? Not really. It's not bad, I have a little lift in places, but it didn't help the tips, which is a Seche Vite flaw. I did hit up 88Beauty to get the Seche Renew that I had been after and also picked up my more favored Poshe fast dry top coat and yep...used the Seche anyways. **facepalm** It's not bad, I can't really complain.

Soooo....Here's the wear on a 4.5 day old manicure:

I'm sure all you polish hounds will agree, could be SO MUCH worse. This isn't bad at all. Still, it's making me jones for a new color. It's disturbing my OCD.

Here's the other hand:

Still so not bad. And seriously, this is fixable. I just start to want a new color after awhile. I think a short attention span is all a part of being a polish junkie like I am and like you probably are if you're reading this.

What do you think? Would you change it?

Happy Talons!

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