Sunday, August 28, 2011

Illamasqua Rare

I had to repaint my toes. I apologize're going to be looking at my mangled toes, but I won't be able to go get a pedi for another week and I couldn't stand it. They were chipped and awful. So...I decided, after the really dark navy of Illamasqua Propaganda, that I would go the opposite direction. Yellow! Sure, why not? It's just a's the time to go a little crazy. I did! Rare is neon. I mean NEON. I think it glows in the dark. It's so has a weird greenish tinge to it, which I'm not sure will show in the pics. See what you think...
Hm. I had bright sunshine and as soon as I started trying to take pics I got overcast. GRRRR. But, you can see this is REALLY bright. It's a great Summer shade.

Here's another swatch:

These are pretty true to color.

Wow. I do a bad job painting my toes! can see the color and that's the important thing.

This went on a little chalky, but it's a neon and you kind of have to expect that. It covered streaky, you can still see some signs of it. I confess, if I'd been a little more careful, it would have been easier. The polish was not difficult to manipulate, but the brush did definitely drag through creating "bald" spots that you'd have to go back over. Two coats would not have worked. The third coat seemed to even it all out and hide some of the mistakes. It also really intensified the color.

Here's an indoor swatch under artificial lighting:

AND the last time I'm going to make you look at my toes today!

I really need to go over that with some acetone and a brush...oof. Sorry!

I did put a coat of Seche over this because I didn't like it in that matte that only neons seem to dry to; the chalky, powdery kind of finish...I don't care for it. I like the shiny better. This is so shiny and bright that the dog keeps looking at it! It is making my smile and giggle and that is always a good thing!

Any thoughts?

Happy Talons!!

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