Monday, August 8, 2011

BB Couture Haul

Ooo. I went a little nutso. We know I am prone to do this. As much as I love and as good as they are to me over there, I need to stay off that site. Maybe I need to stay off there BECAUSE they are so good to me and I love's a vicious cycle. Regardless...I picked up both of the Eye Candy collections, plus a couple of the specials that were going on. It was a good time. The worst is, I have more coming. I love BB Couture....It may well be my favorite polish these days. I'm a fickle polish lover, but BBs are always fun, interesting and wear beautifully. So I was very very bad.

Here's the Eye Candy Men's Collection:

I'll give you the names in a sec because trying to view them through the labels is kinda tough.

OK, starting at the top left and going left to right we have: Heavenly Hunk, Playboy (LOVE), Silver Fox, Dirty Blonde, Rustic Romantic and Sexy Centerfold.

My personal favorite out of this lot is Playboy. It's gorgeous. It's shimmery teal and yum. As I sit here with nekkid nails, I'm thinking...Playboy....yeah....might have to go with that one. I was going to do an Illamasqua, just because I haven't in awhile, but...I don't know. I was also pondering Chanel Mimosa or Black Pearl, might have to be Playboy.

The only one I'm not sure about for me is Rustic Romantic. That color would likely be problematic on my skintone. All I can do is try it...**bites lip thoughtfully**

Let's just do it. It's a caramel cream color and I like it better on me than I had anticipated. It's warm and more buttery than rust. Take a look:
It's kind of growing on me. I did a crap job on this because I had no intention to keep base coat, no top coat. This was still wet when I snapped the swatch, but...I think I like it, actually. Sweet! Even better when the one color you're not sure about is one you turn out liking.

The ladies collection has some true stunners in it, as well. OOOO!

I didn't take a bottle back shot of this because you can see these really well. Gorgeous, right? I know.
Right to Left: Junk in the Trunk, Sweet Silicone, Busty Bombshell, Trim and Tassled, Feathered Vixen and Scorching Strawberry.
I actually accidentally re-ordered Scorching Strawberry because I couldn't find it, thought I'd thrown it out with the box by mistake, which was promptly burned, or hadn't received it or whatever. It was on my desk. Kim was nice enough at to cancel it and give me a refund. She rocks. I'm tellin' ya.

Trim and Tassled, guys. Hello. Look at that bad boy. Oh yes.

What do you think? Will you pick any of these up? You will know that there will be full posts when I wear these! Some of them I can't wait to try.

Happy Talons!!

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