Wednesday, August 3, 2011


BMWWU may do a guest post! She asked if I only ever talk about color or if I cover other things. She has read this meandering blather I put out here in the world but I don't think she reads it consistently. I said I mostly talk about color, yes. I stick to what I know and what I am passionate about. She said "not shape or care or anything like that?" Hm. I said "If you would like to write a post and guest appear, I'd love to have you!" I think she might! She's truly talented and she loves what she does. It's fun to watch her because she will actually hold your hand out away from her and admire it at arm's length. My great nails are completely owing to her, I take no credit. I might experiment with other products and use things at home that she doesn't just because for my drunken monkey fumbling it's easier for me to work with. My favorite Seche Rebuild is a good example. I've never known her to use it and she likes Poshe better than Seche. Which, honestly, I do too...Seche is great but it's problematic, as I think most nail hounds will agree. It's not a good touch up top coat because it shrinks the polish up at the tips and curls it up at the cuticles, plus it tends to goop about a third to a half way through. They have a renew formula for their stuff but I haven't tried it. It's $10 locally while I can usually score a free base coat with a top coat purchase at Sally, making the renew stuff kind of....well, expensive.

Kinda went off on a tangent there. Sorry! I get easily distracted. Short attention span...



I will keep you posted on BMWWU's plans! I'd love it if she wrote a post or few. She's very knowledgeable and has fixed a lot of my problems. She's so good I am often asked if I am wearing acrylics or if I need a fill. Yep. She's that good.

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