Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sorry for the pointe shoe battered toes

Ruby Pumps and I get regular pedis together. While I confess it is NOTHING compared to the amazingness of BMWWU's pedicure, which is work for us as customers because you are helping hold that foot up there, or at least I do, and she does the razor blade thing, which honestly scares the bejeezus out of me. We just go to the sweatshop. It's clean, it's cheap, there are massage chairs and we've never not been able to get in there. They do OK. I prefer BMWWU...but the salon I go to has but one chair in an alcove sort of thing and it's not conducive to work gossip. Plus...those massage chairs. Yes, please. I am not a fan of a regular massage with a live person. In fact, I hate it. But the chair? I dig it.

I had chosen Illamasqua Propaganda. It's a gorgeous dark navy that veers towards the dark purple but with no hint of amethyst. It's blackened blue. It's a really dark blue (with some red thrown in) creme. It's really gorgeous. In the words of another nail hound and buddy at work: Awwww sookie sookie, now! Yeah, we're that cheesy. We also say "AWW SNAP!" We crack each other up.

Now, I am not a huge fan of nail art. I think it's just a distraction. I like a nice clean playing field. I'd do an Illamasqua tip if I had the talent and I love the half moon. I liked ruffians on other people, though they never really hit this area big. I live in the land where the 90's strip mall French tip acrylic is still the standard. Nothing wrong with's just dated. I saw an article...In Style? Oh man, I forget. I read a lot of stuff....the French could make a come back updated with a pale pink tip rather than white...I might do. I might. So anyways...clearly I got distracted again. I'm a little tired. I don't mind nail art on my toes. I actually think it's fun. The sweatshop does them for $5 extra and if you're in the mood, it can be really fun. I was in the mood and frankly, Propaganda was screaming for it....

Before I pop the swatch in here, I want to warn you. I danced en pointe for many many years. I taught. I danced on scholarship. We're talking about some beat up feet here. Any other dancers reading this are probably nodding their heads in understanding and agreement here. The callouses do not go away. The wrinkles in my toenails are finally not so obvious, but....I don't have pretty feet and I wouldn't have given up one single performance in trade, either. I danced. Get over it. I rarely wear sandals, that's my concession to societal aesthetics. On the up side? I can wear heels of any height and the muscles in your feet also do not fade so those heels do look good. Just not strappy stiletto

You were warned.

Isn't that great? Do you see what I mean about the hint of purple? I love this. I think the flowers are cute, too! She let me choose the pink jewels. I think it's fun for Summer to do some flowers. I would hate that on my hands...I don't know why.

Here is another pic that is clearer. I cropped out most of my paw but the color is really clear in this pic:

Pssht. Check the cuticle on the fourth toe. That's exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout. Those callouses just never fade...I guess it's good. I rarely get blisters.

Pretty awesome color, huh? This pedi was....oh my...5 days old? I think? Wearing like iron. My pedis usually don't. I am barefoot as much as I can get away with. This looks really pretty royal here, but it's a tad darker than royal. It's really striking. This is two coats and they do a Seche top coat.

Hope you like it and don't mind my toes! I promise, you won't see them but rarely.

Happy polishing!!

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