Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some words

First of all, I've been perusing my own blog to check for things like mis-spellings and whatnot and I'm finding broken links to my pics. Please don't be afraid to comment and alert me! I have fixed two in the last couple of minutes. That is so strange. I apologize, I don't know what's causing that. I can tell you that if you comment and say "Tricksie you silly tart, your swatch link is busted" I will get an email and I will fix it. In the meantime, I will keep trolling for them.

Secondly, I got the confirm today from that my Glitter Gals shipped. OMG. I could bust a gut, I'm so excited to see these. YAY!!

Also, the new butterLondons should be here tomorrow. If only they'd come today, it wouldn't be midnight with my still having to load up some bottles for tomorrow's mani. Bluey. That'd be it.

I'd also like to fill you guys in on the completely fantastic customer service I've gotten from Illamsqua. I hit a rather large order on the Summer Sale, just because I love their stuff and Illamasqua eye shadow for 5 Pounds? Shyeah! Well, something weirdo happened to my order in their system, and being kind of a flake, I didn't know what exactly I'd ordered, only that I kept the spending to a dull roar while taking FULL advantage of the dirt low prices. They worked with my air-headed and annoying self until I finally figured out what they couldn't see on there. It was a "varnish", imagine that, and I figured it out by the powers of deduction. Sherlock Holmes got nothing on me, elementarily speaking. 4 were on sale, one they knew I had ordered. Of the other 3 I didn't already have one. Must have been that one, then! I shudder to think what a total ditz I had to be sounding like as I was explaining that I basically forget my orders about 3 seconds after I send them so it's a surprise when they arrive and...I have no idea what it was. They were very patient and tolerant and also gracious when I finally pulled my head out of my ass. In my defense I've not had much sleep lately and was at the hospital with Moms until almost 8pm with an hour drive home from there and an empty gas tank to deal with. Not in any fit state to answer specific questions about an order I placed 4 days ago, was I? But they were nice about it and persistent, encouraging me to figure out what they hell I did so they could help me. Good deal. I've always had great service from Illamasqua. I also have some coming from Sephora because my bottle of Jo'Mina was Jo'Jacked up. Leaked all over the lid, the lid cover...mess. The polish was goopy and drying out. I haven't had that happen with them any other time. That may have been another Sephora order, actually. I much prefer ordering direct from the manufacturer whenever I can.

Speaking of which, not a peep out of LCN on my leaky mess. Hmph. That's rubbish.

I get great service from:
butterLondon - she actually called me on the phone and spoke to me personally about a question on an order. Their web developer is a sweetie, and the website is dazzlin'. Lots of ravens winking at you and little skulls and jewels. Quirky and delightful.
Rescue Beauty Lounge
Deborah Lippmann
Shea Terra - not a make-up site, but skin care, and fantastic skin care at that. Do eeet!

Hmmmmm. Who am I leaving out? I will update if I think of it. Regardless, in my experience, I have no problems recommending any of these sites to you. I hope you will look into them.

Happy Talons!

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