Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you ever wonder... a polish addicted and or addled blogger chooses her next polish?

I thought I'd share my sometime process, which will also allow me to do picture spam! Because...honestly, it was kinda fun.

First things have to raid the stash unless you've got something you absolutely MUST wear right now, which is hardly ever the case for me. I usually have about 9 colors in mind, orrrrrrrrr I am in the mood for something, maybe a feeling, and I go searching for it. I was coming out of LCN Green Temptation, and I didn't bother taking it off to try other stuff. You can get an idea by just slapping it over the old stuff.

It seems I was in the mood for dark:

These are, from Left to Right: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle, MAC Biker Blue, and Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars and Iconoclast. Hmm....Biker Blue didn't really cover well. You can see in the bottles it's quite a bit darker than Under the Stars and not really opaque.

Razzle Dazzle...that's truly sparkly!

Hmmm....Let's look at that again.

Rescue Beauty Iconoclast and Under the Stars, MAC Biker Blue (which is not faring well over Green Temptation. Nope.) and Lippmann Razzle Dazzle. Under the Stars is dazzlin'....Razzle Dazzle is too fun...Hmmmm. I've really been wanting to try to Iconoclast and I'm thinking that fighting with an opaque base coat to work with Biker Blue is not what I want to deal with right now. It's very pretty, though. Plus, my promise to you readers to not show stuff you can't was in the "soon to retire" section on the MAC website. **Rant: that is what I hate about MAC. They put out these great colors and they have like 9 of them. I swear they must sit back and laugh at us addicts. It's sadistic. Truly. And yet...what am I showing you? A MAC. Yep. I'm a sucker, too. End Rant**

What else have we got in the drawers? *Yes. Drawers. There is furniture.) Oooooo! While we're playing here, let's check out that A England Lancelot....Can you see the red in it when it hits the nails?
Hells yeah, you can. It's a dried blood kind of's blackened red. It' I put that on and went OOOOOOOO! **Happy polish dance!**

But I don't think I'm in the mood for that.

What else have we got? A couple I've been dying to wear but can't seem to find the right moment:

S'pose those are BB Coutures? Only one of my fave polishes? Yep. Ashes and Glampyre, respectively. I like this pic of really shows it's a lovely blackened gold. It's dazzlin'. (That is my happy word these days. I dunno why.)
Love them. BUT....what else have we got?

OOOO! Sparkly! That Lippmann Razzle Dazzle...What all can we do with that?

How about Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge under Razzle Dazzle...
Errr...Moulin Rouge is showing WAY more purple than it is in real life. I would describe it as a plummy red, actually. Well, regardless, it works well with Razzle Dazzle, makes a nice solid foundation for the more jelly base of Razzle. Pretty. I thought I might have a winner but...Iconoclast was still speaking to me. I'm intrigued by Razzle Dazzle. (Oh lord. The Beatles Pigges just came on. "With their piggy wives")

What else can I do with this lovely thing?

***think, think, thinkthink**

Bright pink! Who does a great BRIGHT PINK? Illamasqua!

OOOFA. I rememeber putting Illamasqua Collide on (and it nicely covering that green, incidentally) and thinking "WOW. Now THAT is neon.) And look what Razzle Dazzle does. It's a whole other look. Fascinating. Hmmm...I still have that A England Lancelot on...
Coooool. It's like a midnight party...Good to know, good to know!

Yes. I can spend hours doing this. I can't help it. I love the colors. Obviously the whole taking the polish thing off is a bit of a nuisance to me, but then again, painting over the old mani can let you see what you're going to be dealing with.

Which one do you think I chose?

Stay tuned!

Happy Polishing!

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