Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ButterLondon Wallis

butterLondon Wallis was another score on the Nordstrom sale. Wallis and the other Fall collection colors are now available and are uh-MAY-zing. Bluey...hello. Peacock sparkle. I mean...what more do you need to know, really? It's ordered, it just hasn't made it's way here yet, and along with it will be it's friend Toff. Yay! butterLondon is such a fun company.

I present to you Wallis:

OOOO. It's olive green with definite hints of not really gold but darker. What would be darker? Not bronze, there is nothing really dirty about it. It's a fascinating color, really. I was curious about it because butterLondon sparklies like this one can tend to be either glitter in a jelly or a dense shimmer. Dying to try it out, I thought well...let's try it over another Army green newbie for fall: Lippmann Collection Billionaire. Hmph. Was my color memory on some kind of trip? They are NOTHING alike! But complimentary all the same. My current manicure is biting the dust (good wear on it, check the last post to see it.) so why not play a little bit?

Deborah Lippmann Billionaire is a dark forest green. It's aptly named, it is approximately the color of the ink they use to print money, or at least the way it comes out afterwards. It was MISERABLE to capture, OMG. It either came out a lot grassier than it is in real life or black. I had a terrible time getting to the middle of those two things that Billionaire is. It's striking, but daring. This one isn't for the traditionalist.
This is KINDA close:

This color is really dark, but it's not actually as dark as it looks here. It's a lovely dark military sort of green. It's a straight up cream. It will be  a two coater. This went on a bit streaky but corrected itself on the second coat, which is nice. I'm never secure with only one coat, I'm always sure I am missing something so two coats is my standard. This swatch isn't bad....That brown is exactly the brown of the background so if that gives you any frame of reference then great.

Then I slapped a coat of Wallis over it. A coat. Not several. One.

Check that out. Isn't that phenomenal? First of all, it's not a jelly base, obviously! It is really dense, it covered a much darker color easily and it's sparkly. Sparkly is good. I did get it into a pillow, hence the markies on the tip, but if you can see past that you'll see a really amazing, almost indescribably gorgeous lacquer happening. The really weird thing is, and I am really interested to see what sunlight would do to it, with a flash it does this:

Yeah, that's pretty much emerald right there. Isn't that cool? I assure you it's the same nail, taken maybe 2 minutes apart. The only thing that changed was the lighting...and my hitting that pillow and making the dent. Which was after I took this. It didn't seem to matter what I was getting on the screen, this is the picture I got in that lighting. I took the flash off and moved to a spot under a lamp and got the last pic. Pretty fascinating, huh? Very interesting color. Obviously, it covered really well. This was one not particularly thick coat. I think I'm in love!

Happy Talons!

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