Saturday, August 13, 2011

Join the March to End Animal Testing

Animal Testing March

This is a really neat thing that I just stumbled upon and what better way for me to get the word out there than to put it in my blog and hope people see it and join. It's a virtual march to help end animal testing. It's primarily aimed at the EU for their new legislation but it's certainly not limited to EU residents. I joined! I hope you will too. Please put your voice out there in support of those whose voices are mis-understood and often punished. I mean, what did you think that bark or meow or howl or hoot was? It's a voice. Give them words and speak for them.

I'm also looking into some more cruelty free brands, vegan brands...I'm hoping to be able to show you guys some new stuff that I hadn't heard of before and maybe you haven't either. Ever in support of spending our dollars where they don't hurt here at The Talon Trap! I just ran across one that is not only fun but CHEAP! We love that, too!! I have emailed another to see what their policy is and if they're good then you may be seeing them out here. I believe one of the best ways to support my cause is to be sure to let you know when I find new options. If it's easy we're more likely to do it, right? So even if you have a different view on animal testing, if I can present you some hot stuff that you would love to try then at least I'm directing some of your dollars where they help and hopefully you don't mind because you're getting something great.

**steps off soapbox**

I only promised not to beat you over the head about it, not to never mention it!!

Happy Talons!

(That's what we want, all kinds of happy talons, not just the human kind!)

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