Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cult Nails Haul

I wanted to let you know that my Cult Nails haul has arrived! It came one day last week and it's the yums. I only took one pic because I'll be swatching these for real, possibly soon. I'm dying to try some of these.

These are, right to left and top to bottom:
My Kind of Cool Aid, Living Water, Cruisin' Nude, Awakening, Devious Nature
Enigmatic, Iconic, In a Trance, Hypnotize Me, Quench

Some are from the new collection, some from the old. I basically bought every single one I could get my mitts on because they're gorgeous and unique. I can't wait to try them. How fascinating are these?

Plus, they are the brain child of a fellow blogger: http://www.r3daily.com/ and can be purchased from her site: Cult Nails. You should check it out! The polishes arrived in their own little shipping bags marked by collection and cutely packed in cotton balls, labeled cotton balls, to take up the remaining space. They were individually wrapped inside their little envelopes and then packed in a box. Everything was tight and obviously done with care. Nice.

I confess, it was Living Water that caught my attention but look at some of these! Iconic...hello. I love all of them. Mm. Nothing like nice new colors!!

Happy Talons!

ETA: I just found out that these are also available from OverallBeauty - Cult Nails So if you're looking to try some brands that are new or are just looking for some fun mineral make-up and some edgy colors for your tips, OverallBeauty might be a good stop for you! BB Couture, Cult Nails, Glitter Gal...Yep Yep! Good place to start looking!

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