Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Lord

OK. I have some stuff to show you but I've been working ALL DAY on getting all the swatches moved to an internet base and putting my little mark on them. This has taken hours. It's taken so long that I stopped and made dinner in the middle of it. Quite a project. I still have a little clean up to do, but's not in bad shape. I hope I will be able to keep my pics at that source. We shall see. It has a limit. Oof.

Some things of note that my fellow talon hounds will want to know:

Deborah Lippmann is having a 15% off sale. Of course I hit that.  You need the code. Try signing up for her email offers on and see if you can get one. is now carrying limited amounts of Glitter Gal polish. This is an Australian brand, I did some snooping and they appear to be cruelty free. I placed a pre-order. Right now she is ordering from them on a very limited basis and based on the orders she is receiving. I suggest checking it out! I have no swatches here, but google them and see what you come up with. Some of the other bloggers have been able to get a hold of them before now. The holos are amazing! They are primo priced, though, so I only got a few. I did some damage today and I really can't continue.

If you are reading this on the night on 7/27, go straight to and sign up for her updates. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just trust me. You want to do this. K?

I also checked out on a whim and guess what? The guys have been busy and have a Royal Wedding polish out: Mattrimoaning. Hilarious, as usual. It's royal blue, what else? I nabbed that bad boy. You might want to take a look. I'm sure I'll post at least a bottle shot when it arrives. They are admittedly taking a little time off to "torture their livers" so it will be a bit before I get it.

Hmmm...did I have any other news for you guys....I don't think so...

I'll be a bit before I swatch again, unless I do my toes. I could, I guess...I had my regular mani last night and forgot my colors. Yep. Way to be a dork. So I am wearing OPI. I have mixed feelings about this as I paid for it indirectly but OPI is about all anyone uses in a salon around here so you're kind of stuck with it. So I won't swatch it. It's a standard coral, really. It's pretty. **shrugs**
That does NOT mean I won't be posting, however. I have the rest of the A England Mysticals! Yeah, I finally just broke down and did it. Also, I have the Get This Party Started Lippmann Collection from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. (I will not buy those Uggs. I will not!) Also, I need to email Kim at OverallBeauty because I have a BB Couture haul coming. It's supposedly shipped and normally I get that stuff within a few days. The confirmation to USPS just says it was accepted at some facility in California and should be shipped by...yesterday. *sigh* Important to note, this is not OverallBeauty or BB Couture's fault. Post office has it! Somewhere!!

I've been bad.

One more haul and I'll be good. I promise.

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