Monday, November 7, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather - Sweet Peacock

Sweet Peacock....sweeeet. It's a lovely bright blue metallic sparkly thing. It's bright, it's cheerful, it's lovely.

I wore this as a pedi, actually, and it wears nicely. It was one of those spur of the moment, don't have a color with me kinds of pedicures. I don't know how they did it now, but pedis don't wear the same as mani's anyways, so it wouldn't really matter.

See the lovely sparkly flecky thing going on in there? I love this color, too. It's a nice tealy kind of blue, but you wouldn't ever call it teal.

Because of the metallic sparkle in it, it shows a different aspect in different lighting. Here I had my hand more curled up and wasn't sure how it would look so I did it again, trying to extend my fingers to show the polish better and you get:

Remember that one little collection Orly did? The one with Rage in it? This has that same quality to it. You know, you can see it well here, the almost gritty sparkle feel, but that looks like tiny fireflies, not like cheap dollar glitter polish. Those are great for their purpose, but this is much prettier, and dries smooth!

Last one. I love how the light hits it and it looks like water. I didn't do anything to this pic, that's just how it looks. Such incredible shine. I don't think a top coat would hurt this that much. As it's just a swatch this has no top coat on it, might dull the sparkle some. A thick top coat may tone this down a little but I don't think it would hurt it. It's too alive and happy. I love this.

Happy Talons!!

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