Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather - Sea Gurl

Sea Gurl is a steely silvery grey. It has some taupe in it as well, it's a nice complex edgy color that you can easily wear at most offices, I would think.

You can see a touch of the silvery speck here, as well. It's not really a chrome...It's really pretty. I think I have other similar polishes, but each has it's own charm, I believe!

See the kinda sparkliness? It's certainly not an out and out glitter, but it's got a little shine, it likes to be noticed.

Like all Orly's, it applied nicely and is opaque with nice pigments. The tell tale sign, I have nice clean cuticles, so you know this went on beautifully.

You can see the hint of taupe here. It's a nice wearable color. It's not common or ordinary, this isn't pink! But this is pretty neutral and should compliment any outfit you wear with it.

I think it's a nice one!!

Happy Talons!

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