Saturday, November 26, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, The Men's Collection - Egotistical

Egotistical is a royal purple. It's a royal purple that suggests that your ego is so supreme that you need to be drenched in the traditional color of royalty.

OOOO. It looks lit from within. This is a gorgeous color, which once again, has that lovely kind of pearly feel to it that is so hard to capture. I think you can see a touch of it here. It looks almost milky? But the color is still so intense. This is, as you can see, a lovely deep, deep purple.

Hm. Slightly blurry, but I like that they are trying this. I kinda know what's in each collection, so I kinda know what I want to go for and this helps me find it.

The question is...did I take ANY good pictures that day? My phone is the easiest way, and uses free internet, which I don't have for my computer, and I can't always tell they're blurry when I'm swatching! I need to figure that out.
Regardless, look at how this blackens around the curves of my nails. Pretty sweet. I like when they do that, it adds depth and mystery.

Here's a flash of the bottle, because I think it's nice to see what this looks like in the bottle and on the nail. Also, it allows the camera  a better opportunity to pick up the way the particles in the polish reflect the light and show what's happening in the formula, which is all good. As ever, this applied like a dream. Very opaque, very pigmented. BB Couture is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. I like it better than OPI, which I won't buy any longer. I'm not going to say you guys will never see an OPI on here because I have a substantial amount of it from when they were independent, but I won't buy any more of it, not with the COTY connection.
See the clean cuticles? Good formula. I admit, how easily I can get it around my cuticles and whether or not it stays where I put it is my litmus for formula. That and coverage.
Ugh. Nubbins. I need to get back on those vitamins I was taking. I'm trying to eat right but...I can't handle the nubbins!

Last one! Look at the shine!! That's no top coat, lads. This is such a deep purple. Original? Not so much, but really, it's mostly been done, hasn't it? I mean...for wearable every day colors, we've seen them. The question is, do they do it well, put their spin on? I think this fits the bill. I'll definitely wear this color. It's edgy but not crazy, it's pretty and interesting...that's what I like!!

Happy Talons!

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