Monday, November 14, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - I Love the Nightlife

I love to boog-ay! On the Disco Rowhownd!
Or whatever she's saying.

This is a disco ball trapped inside a bottle of clear lacquer. I'm still trying to decide if there are two different colored glitters in here (I think so) or if it's just the way the light hits them.

This is one coat again. I just think it shows you the polish better. If you love it this way then you will buy it and you can experiment with what you like. If anyone just NEEDS to see a two or three opaque swatch of this, let me know and I'll try to get one for you, but...this shows you what you have to work with. I think...look at this and let your imagination run amok.

I love this swatch, not because it's particularly great. It's not. I've definitely seen a lot better, but look at the different personalities of all that glitter! It's dark, it's silver, it's grey...There may be black in there, but I don't think so. I think it's just the way the light hits the silver. It's almost more gun metal,'s interesting and fun.

I didn't manipulate this, this is how this one went on. I would say the base of these is a typical base/top coat formula. This would be really interesting over black, don't you think? I wonder what this would do over, say, Orly Goth?? Oooo...might have to try that.

Last shot:

Wow..that's a bad swatch! I don't mind telling you! It's not like you can't see it. But I'm including it anyways so that you can see the reflective properties of this hex glitter. So chunky, so shiny, so BLING. Loves.

Once again, though, keep an orange stick handy. You're going to want to push the ones that want to cliff hang off your tips back on the nail because these are chunky glitters. They're not going to file down easily. You're going to have to put them back up where they belong.

I hope you're loving the nightlife, too!

Happy Talons!

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