Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Stairway to Heaven

Oooo, do I love this. I'm not even bothering to make some really tard-riffic funny about the name. I'm jumping right to the chase. I loves. I loves a lot.
This is a pearly sheer with iridescent white square glitter. I can't...just look.

How freaking amazing is this? I have no words. I know you don't believe that! But I don't!

I clearly took a couple bottle front pics just to make sure I did this justice. I see no reason not to include them both because they're both nice swatches. See how opalescent this is? The base is clearly a little shimmery but that taste of color does little more than amplify the opal quality of the traditional square glitters and add a touch of shimmer quality. It's like that Whatever Lola Wants but without the hint of pink.

Meh, crap of the label (there's another of this one, too) but great of the glitters. See how they glow? How cool is that?

I la la la la lahuv this.

K, what I want you to see here is that little glitter sticking off the pinky nail. This is what I keep cautioning you about. That little guy needs to get shoved back up on the nail proper. For one thing, he's going to cause a chip. For another, these glitters are SHARP. You don't need to itch your nose or try to get something out of the corner of your eye with that hanging off there. It seems like common sense but so easy to forget!
Hmm. Look at that ring finger. It looks like raindrops. Pretty pretty pretty!!!

Nice shadow. **roll eyes**
Look at how pretty this is! And it's not so in your face. You might be able to rock this at work if you have a forgiving enough workplace. It's glowy and shiny and sparkly but it's not aggressive.


Look at the flash of lavender at the cuticle on the pinky. To. Die. For. 

Obviously, this little gem can go over about anything, but I really kind of love it without anything detracting from it. Maybe a pearly white just so you aren't seeing nail line? Too pretty to stay in the bottle, though!

This clearly falls victim to the other glitter problems, all the same. It wants to chunk up, it is rough to the touch, it's hard to get off, etc, etc, etc. But this one is so worth it.

Stairway to Heaven? I'm on it!

Happy Talons!

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