Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Whatever Lola Wants

Lola gets...and little man, little Lola wants YOU....Make up your mind to have no regrets....and how could you have any regrets with this polish. I kinda was putting off getting this one. I confess, I picked it up to pad an order to get free shipping. Erp. Well, the whole Kelly Ripa design thing kinda threw me off, I barely know who she is, just she's this very very skinny person on those appliance commercials, like we're supposed to believe she a. eats actual food that can be cooked, and b. uses her own appliances. I mean, maybe she does, what do I know, but I was like...who is she and why would I want her nail polish?
Well, cause it's gorgeous. It's not really my thing, I generally eschew all sheers but if you put this over an opaque pale pink cream you'd have something. It's pretty on it's own, too. However, as an avid polish wearer, discoloration isn't new to me and sheers don't work with that. It's like you're trying to cover up a 2 pack a day habit and it just doesn't look pretty. Opaques...polish addicts usually go for opaques.

Pale pink. But it looks like icicles! Pale pink icicles. I loved this. It was like brushing on diamond dust, and if you know Lippmanns, you know diamond dust is a real possibility.

This would be a really lovely color for like, a wedding. I don't plan on ever having one of those but you guys might and this would be a good color to keep in mind if you are doing a traditional wedding. Elegant shimmer, won't detract from the flowers, dress or ring.

See how pretty? Dries smooth, too. The microshimmery particles in there probably would not be dulled down with top coat, either, but you might try a nail before you commit. This is VERY sheer, I think this is 2 coats, I don't know what it would take to get to opaque if you even could. I'd be surprised if you pulled that off.

Little blurry to show the sparkly iciness. I really do like this quite a lot. It's mesmerizing.

See that dark spot on the index nail? Just as aside that is a stray piece of Shake Your Groove Thing. Those glitters are beautiful, but GOD are they hard to get off! And the glitter sticks to everything. You, the dog, the carpet, the walls. It's everywhere. Ugh.

So back to her? I think she'd like you! This would look good on anyone because it's so pale and so sheer, it's just going to work with whatever color nail beds you have. Mine happen to be pink so it looks more pink but I think if you were of a darker skin tone it would work well with that as well. You can't beat sparkle!

Happy Talons!

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