Thursday, November 17, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, The Men's Collection - Jealousy

Jealousy is not green. I think for the Men's Collection she's gone with more how these emotions make you feel rather than what we tend to think of them being colored. At least that's my impression, anyways. Look and see what you think. You'll have a lot of opportunity because this post is also really swatch heavy.

Jealousy is a taupey grey with different microshimmer and some black micro in it. I think I have a swatch that will show you that. The black is rarely more than a hint. I like that. I like that it's kind of a feel more than something you clearly see. Maybe you wonder if you've seen it. It adds interest.

 With blinding flash to show you the sparkle. This is the one where you can see the black. Click this swatch and zoom it up larger and you'll see it. There are two specks I can see now on the pinky nail.

See the dull grey with a hint of kind of bland taupe? It's...this is how I feel when I get jealous. It's not a very nice feeling but it makes a really interesting and lovely nail polish!

Without flash. This is more ordinary lighting, what it will look like, but the flash does show how much shimmer there is in this, doesn't it?This shows the taupe sense better. You can still see the silver, both on the nail and in the bottle. Part of what is so great about BB Couture is that it's almost never a polish where you see something in the bottle that doesn't show on the nail. They are very WYSIWYG that way. It's a very nice quality. Ever see a bottle or a bottle shot, take it home and put it on and go WTF? Doesn't happen with BBC.

OK, no more acronyms!

It looks brown here. That's the taupe coming through at this angle and light.

Here it's showing it's grey side. This doesn't look smooth here, but I assure you, these dry pretty smooth. All that shimmer is so well incorporated that you don't feel it. You'll still want to top coat these, though they claim not to need it. It just helps protect your nails and polish better if you do.

There was such a lot happening here, I took a ton of shots of it. See the hint of purple on the pinky nail? That's the shimmer in there. This has a lot of character. It's hard to capture that in a picture, particularly since we've had so little sunlight here.

OK, last one. This shows the color and shimmer the best of them all, I think, though it has more color to the shimmer in real life. I really really like this. It's nice on me, as well.

Formula is great, easy to apply. See the perfect cuticles? BB Couture makes that easy to do! Good brushes, easy to handle, nice consistency. I love BB Couture.

Jealous? =D

Happy Talons!

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