Friday, November 18, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, The Men's Collection - Desire

Desire is about the color of the cherry brandy. There is a rusty, dirty quality to the color, which is perhaps fitting. If you're a seasonal color kind of person then this one is great for fall. But it's definitely a reddish color. It's not orange, it's not rust...Just look for yourselves!

See what I'm sayin'? It's not red. It's not brown. It's not rust. It's not burgundy. It's dirty red. I really really like it, whatever you want to call it. There is a very slight shimmer in it, which is mainly red so maybe that is all that is giving this it's red sheen. It's very subtle.

This looks a bit more red...I don't think I'd call it red, though. I suppose we can label it whatever it we want, this is what it is. It's very lovely.

This shows a bit of that shimmer. You can see one or two tiny specks of the red in this swatch. It's not really frosty, either. No worries there. You notice you're not seeing brush strokes or anything. This went on beautifully, actually. I'd be shocked to have a BB Couture that didn't.

Cherry brandy...that's the best descriptor I have. With a little shimmer. Very subtle shimmer. It's definitely work appropriate.

Pretty, huh? And this isn't a color I would choose for myself. I really like it on my skin tone, though. This one was a surprise because I expected it to be terrible on me. I'm so glad it isn't! This might go in the bag for my mani this week!

Like it? Desire it? Ha ha. Corny.

Happy Talons!

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