Monday, November 21, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, The Men's Collection - Selfish

Selfish is brown. Maybe because, for me at least, when I realize I've been selfish I feel like poop. It's much nicer than poop, but you still feel kind of brown and not so radiant. Or at least I have that problem.

There is a shimmer to it, and I have better pics of that. If you notice, this is the same color as my pillow, errrr....background!!

Slightly blurry label shot, but you can see on the nails that this has a very fine particle shimmer in it. The Men's collections from BB Couture tend to have this lovely micro-shimmer in them, almost like dust, which is cool. I'm pretty sure they're onto the fact over there that we steal the men's polishes, don't you think? I'm having trouble deciding what color I think that shimmer is. It has a red feel but the polish doesn't take on a red feeling at all.

All poo kidding aside this is really a lovely dark chocolate brown. It's definitely chestnut brown, there is no confusion that it's so dark it could be black or so much shimmer you could call it anything else. It's a lovely brown, and looking at this pic, it is a nice brown for me. I don't wear browns easily, I don't think. This would probably look good on most skin tones.

I like this shot because it shows the shimmer particles so well. I was lucky to grab this. They look red, they look gold...could be both.

This is a nice clear shot. You can see everything in this swatch. It's very true to color, you can see the hint of greyed out tint, the lovely dark chestnut brown, the shimmer particles...This is very true. 

OK, I had another shot to share with you but something is going wrong and I can't get pictures to load. Maybe if I leave this space holder here, it will turn up because this is a bottle shot that really shows the polish well. Maybe tomorrow I can get it to work better!

I hope you like this. I'd be interested to know what you are planning to pick up from this collection if anything!

Happy Talons!!

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