Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Do ya? DO YA?? Deborah Lippman wants to know!

Deborah Lippmann did a whole bunch of chunky glitters this year. They're all beautiful, you've already seen one here. I have a couple more to show you as well! This one is a gorgeous chunky red. I only did one coat for the swatches...I think the last chunky glitter shows you what they look like layered, but I didn't feel like I was really showing you the polish. So...I present a one coat of these glitters, at least for the next couple.

Oooo. It's like Valentine's heart red. See, on this single coat swatch thing you can really see the glitters and how they disperse. I can't lie, these are not that easy to use. See the pinky finger and then the ring finger difference? That's a really easy difference to make. Then you get into a layering war thing trying to make sure you get them sort of even. As pretty as these are, I think I prefer to layer these over something else, but do what you gotta do. You're not going to be wrong regardless.

Those silver labels are so hard to photograph!
OK, see the reflection here? This one is a straight up clear base, no tint to it at all. With this red do you really need it? Not so much! I'm looking at this and wondering what I'd put it over. Pink could be interesting...or black. I could see that as my Valentine's mani. BB Couture Cash Black or Lippmann Black Vinyl with this on it.
Not a big fan of the Valentine's.

This may have been intended as a more Christmas color...huh. All I can see are those big heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

See the weird disbursement of glitter? I found that irritating, actually. Then see how on the ring finger nail, I tried to level it out and instead they stuck to one another and caused a 12 sparkle pile up. Thpppbbbbb. Keep an orange stick handy for these.

They're just so irresistible. You know they're going to be hard to get off, you're going to have glitter everywhere, if you can even get them off! and you're going to fight with it to get it how you want it. And yet...gotta have them. They're so hypnotic. You just want to stare at them. The glitters are so shiny...they're practically tiny sequins. With the right outfit this would be a show stopper.

As I was only swatching this, I can't speak to wear but I imagine if you do a good job keeping the glitters from sticking off the ends of your nails it should wear rather well. It's basically chain mail, for pete's sake. These are gritty, obviously, and I don't know that any amount of top coat is going to help that. It's just going to be rough to feel and that's about the end on that!

I hope you like it and you think it's sexy!!

Happy Talons!

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