Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, The Men's Collection - Enraged

OK. Enraged is blue! It's a complicated blue sparkly foil sort of thing.You might have thought red for "Rage" as a Seven Deadly, since that's the inspiration for these collections (Men's and Women's) but I think it's really more that steely blue color your thoughts turn to when they get full of rage, hate and fury. I associate fury with coldness...well, we don't know what she was thinking, but it works.

This post is very swatch heavy because I just couldn't seem to capture everything Enraged is. I took a lot of shots of it. I deleted a lot of shots of it.
I would call this denim, quite honestly. I have a pic against my jeans to prove the point. BUT. If you put this in another light it will do something else. Just my standard four swatch poses weren't going to show you everything you need to know about this.

This is a cool new thing for BB Couture: the collection name on the cap. I likey. If you're like a lot of us polish hounds, you're not leafing through 10 bottles, you're going through hundreds to find what you want. Maybe hundreds of BB Coutures. Not quite that guilty yet. Close! As you guys know, this is one of my favorite polishes.

However, look at the sparkly microshimmer foil thing going on on the thumbnail. This shows it pretty well, it's also pretty true to color. It's not quite this purple...there is purple in it, but it's not really purple.

Wow. Looks purple here. It's really not. It's more denim. OPI had a color like this years ago...Sahara Sapphire? I think that was darker. They're not dupes. I'm not saying that.

This definitely has a blue steel sort of quality to it. Not the Zoolander Blue Steel. I'm pretty sure this will turn left. But it does have that kind of coldness to the color.

Noticing how each swatch has different lighting and each time the polish looks different in it? Yes. This is not a duochrome. Not at all. It's always blue.

It always has that silver light to it.

AUGH! Yikes! See how this went royal on us? This is with flash, that's why. See how it brings out the lighter underpinnings of this polish? I love this. It's so complex. There is just a lot of stuff going on. We have a definitely silver microshimmer, we have a blue microshimmer, we have the foil we have royal.

Oh, now...see? Blue. Looks like sparkly denim. I love this color. It's casual but edgy, it's going to fly OK with dress pants for work, if your office allows anything but beige, pink and red, but it's still POW. Great color.

Different lighting again. Pretty pretty rocker princess color!!

Last one, I promise. This is a good one to talk about how easy this was to apply. Gorgeous application, as expected from a BB Couture. It almost goes without saying. But if you're a first time reader, never heard of BB Couture...then I need to keep saying it. These go on like a dream. Seriously one of the best formulas out there. I haven't found anything I like better. The brushes are consistently good, the polishes consistently edgy and fun and forever easy to use. Look at those perfect cuticles! I can't paint that well with a bad polish. I'm not a professional, I'm just a junkie. That that cuticle edge looks like that is purely BB Couture and it's perfection. Love this polish, love this brand...I feel like I need to be throwing flower petals in the air to convey the love.

Don't you love it? See why I needed 417 swatches? I hope so. I really wanted to show this off so you'd love it as much as me.

As ever, I purchased this collection as a whole from Overall Beauty. So easy to work with over there and she's doing some exciting things working with Australian companies to make it more affordable for all of us. Keep an eye out for a couple Ozotic reviews coming up! I did a swatch for Overall Beauty and it's posted on their site. I'm trying to get her a better one. You guys know I'm a perfectionist most of the time!

OK, I think I've babbled on enough about this one, don't you?

Happy Talons!

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