Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ordering from Cult Nails

Cult Nails is a polish started by Cult Nails' blogger and is usually pretty awesome. I've ordered from them twice and twice been very happy. You can pre-order and they'll ship when they're ready and as it's all designed by a nail polish lover,  you get lots of what we lovers of polish want and love.

I would consider this one of those safe to order from good direct websites.

Here's what my last order looked like:

Really nice, huh? All recycled paper packing for each bottle, which is labeled for you. Very nice touch, and surrounded in a little cloud of cotton balls for extra safety. I love that. You can keep and use the cotton balls! And I did!

When you unwrap the little bundles you have your colors:

Nice, huh? All snuggled in there for their trip. And these are as fantastic as they look. I did swatch them but I'm seeing right now that Clairvoyant, aka Unicorn Puke, is already sold out so I will have to be careful when I show you these so I'm not getting your hopes up.

Good site to do business with. Good communicators, don't load up your inbox with a bunch of silly adverts, things come promptly when they come into stock and are well packaged with nice touches. I recommend!

Happy Talons!

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