Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! New Butter LONDON collection haul!!

OK. I just have the bottle shots right now, but the new Butter LONDON collection....I had to show you these pics NOW. RIGHT NOW.

Knackered. Run. RUN. Do not walk. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. GET THIS. It is the awesome.

 Ignore Slapper. That it not an accurate representation of that color, not even remotely. It's very good of Bossy Boots, though...the pistachio color in the back. It's also a great peek at Trout Pout back there, the little you can see. Not the best bottle arrangement but I was so excited!

But look at the two darlings in the front. The hot pink is Disco Biscuit, and that lovely fairy dust looking thing next to it is Knackered. Only it's anything but knackered.

I confess. When I started to pull Knackered and Disco Biscuit from their bubble pack, I was underwhelmed. Ooo. Hot pink and an iridescent dusty purple? Uninspired and already done by Deborah Lippmann (Wicked Game, anyone?), respectively. And then, once they were unfettered by protective wrappings....TA DAAAA!!! Something wholly new and original after all!

I have more pics!

*groan* Ignore Slapper all together, OK? It is NOT grasshopper cocktail green. It's TEAL. It's very pretty but I can see that will be my problem child. Once again, the others are very true to color. BUT LOOK AT THE SPARKLE!

And poor Trout Pout is buried back there. It's quite pretty. Wait! There are more pics!

OK, NOW you can look at Slapper. The color is brighter and more intense, actually, same is true of Trout Pout (the pink) but it's better. What I wanted you to see was the glitter particles in the two stars of the show. Look at that. I can't wait to wear these. I will try to have these swatched for you guys by this weekend. I don't think I will be able to stand it.

OK, here's everyone. Overdue in this post, but, these are from left to right and top to bottom:

Bossy Boots, Trout Pout, Slapper (looking more himself)

Disco Biscuit and Knackered.

Bossy Boots is a lovely pistachio cream. Trout Pout is a vibrant and bright happy peachy pink cream. Slapper is a bright and intense teal, not as green as this, but it's way closer than the first shots. Disco Biscuit is a hot hot pink with cool colored micro glitter particles. I see lots of blue, purple and silver white sparkle happening there. Knackered is an iridescent purple with all the sparkle colors of the rainbow in micro glitter particles in it. It's just loaded with them and I think as the polish moves in the light you will have a very holo sort of effect happening. It's so gorgeous. I am in love. LOVE, I tell you! The website describes it as "oyster". Oh. I do not think that does it justice.

OMG, Go! GO NOW! Why are you still reading this??? butterlondon.com

Happier Talons!!!

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