Sunday, January 22, 2012

butter LONDON - Bossy Boots

All previously scheduled posts are delayed until we see this whole collection in all it's glory. There are some surprises and some disappointments, but all together it's love.

First up is Bossy Boots! Great name. I mean...that's fantastic. It's feisty, it's fun, it's not ridiculously cute. And "bossyboots" in British slang means someone who bosses other around! That is not what you expect from this powdery pistachio cream polish.

Following my new thing, this is one hot mess coat:

The flash is distorting this color a bit. I will put up a color accurate shot next. First streaky mess!!! This color is so odd. I expect it to have as powdery a texture as the color looks, but it doesn't. It's a standard butter. It goes on first as a hot freaking mess, and then it evens itself out. Don't be deterred! Of course, this is on bare nails, too. It will be a bit different on a base coat.

OK. Two coats and more color accurate. It's not quite this dirty looking. These were miserable to swatch, they really were, but that should also tell you something about the colors. They will alter in different lights, which is a cool feature, in my book. Wait until you see Slapper. Holy Crap. I don't think I ever did get a color accurate shot of that. I tried.

So, as you can see, this is pretty unique and it's quite lovely, really. Pistachio is rumored to be THE HOT color this year so grab this one while it's still edgy.

Back to the flash shots. In bright light you will have pale green!! OK, this looks almost neon. It's not. So look at the other things: it's smooth, it has shine, it's deeply pigmented and it's very milky. I like it on me a lot more than I thought I would, but it does give me a but of lobster paw. Ah well. That's never deterred me in the past! See how the application evened out, though? Much better than that scary fugly first shot of only one coat.

The label shot. Because...I don't know. I just take them. I think so I keep myself straight when I swatch a bunch and then come back to write about them.

This isn't way is a cheerful springy Eastery sort of green.

The cuticles look good, as well. Nice. I love butter, as you know if you read this blog at all faithfully, and the application on this was so nice.

Pretty, no? I like. Yes, those are my natural nails. They don't look it, do they? big *MUAH* to BMWWU. That's all her.

Erp, I glooped ont he middle finger wouldn't come off! I tried! See how clean this looks? I really like it.

This is very accurate to color. Dusty, milky, edgy green. Green isn't my favorite color by a long shot. It's OK. It's the color of grass and leaves and plants and those are points in it's favor, but...meh. I do admit, I like this one for some reason.

It's so kind of odd!
That was a pic heavy color, wasn't it? Ah well, I was sort of fascinated by this. I took the bottles to work and this earned a lot of curious Oos from the girls. I have them all hooked, you know. Did you expect anything different? This is very true to color as well. I think it just needed the flash off the camera. Hm. Imagine this with a brown based outfit. Interesting!It looks nice against my leopard print throw, there.

I hope you like it!

Happy Talons!

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