Tuesday, January 24, 2012

butter LONDON - Slapper

Slapper is a lovely teal. I'm sure you can get close to this, though it's a bit brighter than Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal, which is what came immediately to mind. It's a bright teal, cheerful and fun, but it was a freaking wanker to photograph. I will show you everything I have because you can at least see things like shine, get a feel for application and formula...just be aware that I have maybe one color accurate picture in the bunch. I think I'm just going to show you what I have.

Application was great, you will see nice tidy cuticles. It is highly pigmented, just not the pigments you're going to see here, and it was nicely opaque in two coats. Three wouldn't hurt, but two is perfectly fine. Be aware, based on these swatches, that this will change in the light like no one's business. It's a straight cream, I don't know how it's doing it, but I think the light is washing out the blue. It's eating the blue in this alive, which is a shame, because it's the blue that makes it special!

So here they are, I will make some comments, but until we get to something that resembles the color in normal light, I won't say much.

Yeah. It's not emerald green.
OK, one coat. You can see it's very sheer, but it's not streaky. It's a very rich color, whatever it is, and another coat will probably help this out a lot.

Errr....coat two. VNL! VNL!! I hate that. We need another coat. This may not be the case with a muted base coat like Nail Armor, Fiberglass Network or butter's own Nail Foundation. Two coats may do just fine.

Ahhh. Much better. We're getting a little closer to the actual color here, as well. It's still nowhere near this green, though.

The label shot. Still not this green.

Whoa. Emerald City. Nope.

OK, now we're close. In the shade, but whatever works. I knew this one would be a problem child. This is very close. It's brighter than this, but it's showing the blue. I'd say, if this is your cup of tea, check it out on butterlondon.com or see if you can see it at your local Ulta. I find it hard to believe I will be the only blogger with trouble with this color. The flash completely fades it out, no flash makes it too dark. WTF. But this is close!

Oh lord. No. Just no. This is a pretty color. It's just not Slapper. I kinda want to slap Slapper right now.

Happy Emerald Green Talons.  (THPPPBBBB!)

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