Monday, January 23, 2012

butter LONDON - Trout Pout

Trout Pout is pretty but it's not going to change the world. It's a bright peachy Barbie pink. It has a lot of orange in it and one of my buddies at work pointed's sort of Circus Peanut Orange. Know those Circus Peanut candies? My Dad used to love those and yeah...this is kind of that color.

And Whoops. I deleted the picture of one coat. Well, it was just really sheer. It didn't streak up as butters so often do, but it was really, really sheer. I wound up putting on three coats to get it opaque.

This is a tad blurry, I apologize. I was having issues that night. Also, if you're eyeballs are sharp enough to pick it up in this picture, that isn't bubbling on the middle finger. That's a piece of cotton thread that got stuck to the bottle when I cleaned off the polish.
You do that, right? When you are done painting, before you put the brush back in you clean off the bottle rim with acetone. I know you do. It creates a tighter seal and your polish keeps longer and better. You do. I know it.

So see? Kind of Circus Peanut colored.

The label shot. I got a little messy there.

It's nice. Meh. Pinky peachy peach. Nothing earth shattering but if this sort of color is your thing then this is a nice version. It's a lovely cream, applied nicely..note the tidy cuticles.

Nice shine to it. This is no top coat, this is just a swatch. You can really see my whoops on the middle nail now! This is nice...dusty.

Nice seems to be the operative word. If you want vampy, sexy or dangerous...not it.

Wow. My nails look uber fake. Weird. I don't doctor my pictures. If I do I tell you that I messed with them to try to perfect the color. This looks air-brushed! I don't have the ability to do that. I'm low-tech over here. All my money goes on polish! This is so accurate to the color, though. It looks like the inside of a mouse's ear.

Last one! It's pretty. **shrugs** It's not revolutionary but it's reliable, safe for every occasion, slightly bright and very cheerful There are worse things!

Happy Talons!

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