Saturday, January 14, 2012

butter LONDON - Diamond Geezer

Sorry I fell off the planet again. I got sick. I was just...bleah. I still am. So what better way to feel better than to look at sparkly stuff? Usually at least ups my spirits!

Diamond Geezer is a terribly sparkly bright silver glittery thing. I wore this for New Years. I didn't have a glam party or anything to go to, just hanging at home because honestly, there are few things worse than a bunch of drunken weirdos packing me into a place like a sardine. So I generally avoid the fan fare and just become a drunken weirdo at home. Much better and next to no chance to get arrested for drunken disorderlies or even worse, driving. All the same, I celebrate in my little ways, and one of them is pretending I'm very glam at home. Plus, in Brit slang, "Diamond Geezer" means a terribly helpful man. Nice way to ring in the new year, right?

Once again, I'm giving you the one coat-two coat approach to the swatches because I think it does help. With this polish in particular, you will be able to see what this polish is really made of literally.

Here's the first shot:
I recommend clicking and blowing this up. Like most butters, this is a hot mess on the first coat. However, this is such a great illustration of what this polish really is. It's a clear base completely saturated with this lovely silver microglitter. Part of what I love about this color is that it's simple. It is what it is. It's a gorgeous silver and it's not trying to be anything else. Pardon the yellowing nails. That's the peril of always being polished. They're a bit icky underneath.
I have another:

The shine is already evident here. butters are generally quite shiny, really. This is with flash, obviously. I would say you could use this to layer but you'd have to be so careful with it to get it evenly disbursed...I'd say stick with Lipmmann's for that. butters are just made for two coats or three, even.

OO! Two coats!!! This is a tad blurry on purpose so you can see the sparkly. Gotta love the sparkly.
See what happens? It immediately gets dense and opaque. Now it looks like some magical silver thing. Not at all the hot mess witnessed up above.

I personally love this about butter. I'm going to do two coats regardless, just for wear, so it doesn't bother me and I love watching it change. Yeah, I'm easily amused.

OK, clear and without flash. It's still amazing. This could have done three coats, but two is fine.

The label shot. Do these help? I'm not sure. But here it is. It gives you a good view of the thumb and how the cuticles were so easy. I have read some criticism of the formula but I like it and find it easy to manage. I'm a big butter fan.

One of the fun things I love about this brand is the sense of humor. This is the side sticker on a bottle of butter London reminding you to take off the top cap. I guess in the early days these were the brushes and the fans complained. I have one bottle from those days and it is a PAIN. I'm glad they listened.

Check the sparkle in the bottle though, and even in shade, the nails! I love this kind of glitter. Teeny tiny and not rough. This dries smooth. It still needs a top coat because that's just de rigeur, but I love that nothing keeps this polish down. It's going to glimmer, darn it! It's lit from within, it practically glows. This color just screams happy.

It's the sparkliest silver. I just love this and silver is good on me, much better than gold, so it's extra great! For me. If Silver isn't really your color then hang tight. I believe I have also swatched West End Wonderland, which will be the answer to your gold wearin' prayers.

Last shot:

Love it!

Unfortunately, it didn't wear well. I don't have the chip shots, I apologize. Like I've mentioned before, butter LONDON likes it's own products and not others so much. This is what didn't work:

2 coats Orly Nail Armor
2 coats butter LONDON Diamond Geezer
1 coat Seche Vite, I believe. I had this as my professional mani and I think that's what she did. She's been doing old school on me because a lot of her clients are doing gels these days. Not gel nails but gel lacquers, which I don't care for. I just didn't like it. I didn't like feeling like I couldn't change my color, it yellowed on me and then started peeling up in huge chunks. It was probably the hand sanitizer at work causing some of that, but I don't care. The hand sanitizer isn't going away, I handle cash and work around sick people. That's a constant. So...I stick to normal lacquers, but it isn't the going trend right now. BMWWU HAS switched to an LED drying light, though, and that I do like. I might have to score one. The UV one made me nervous, we know that stuff causes skin cancer, right? So...yeah. But LED doesn't and it does seem to work. They dry faster and harder. Nice.

So...this wore about 3 days, which isn't great. However, I think it would do better with it's own base and top coats.

Enjoy the silver!

Stay siilver PonyBoy! Stay Silver!
K, yeah, I know that's not how that goes, but it was sort of funny.

Well, I hope you like it anyways and give it a try!

Happy Talons!

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