Friday, January 20, 2012

Deborah Lippmann's Brown Eyed Girl Repaired and Gone

I apologize for not having a post up yesterday. I did try. My photo storage site was being a wanker and not working so I gave up. Tiredness will do that to you. So this is a day late, but it's here!

I did repair the tips and it did OK. The middle finger on my right hand had to be repaired again the next day, but it did OK after that. Then another nail bit the dust and that was the end. I had all those pretty butters to swatch for you and try!

So here's what happened with the Lippmann. It did end up lasting a week with some babying so that is really quite good. I am using a new Poshe top coat bottle so I have a sneaking suspicion that my Seche has just bitten the dust. Which is cool because a girlfriend at work scored some Seche Vite at Walgreen's on clearance for $2!!! Are you serious! I would have bought them all!

Not bad.

What I did was slap a little more color over the tips and then top coat over again. They looked pretty good when I got done with them. That is except that really bad chip. That one I filled in with Fiberglass Network and then slapped color and a top coat on. It holds pretty well. One benefit of the Fiberglass Network stuff is that it repairs beautifully. I don't often wear it any longer except for that. I am wearing it now but only because my Rebuild is in pretty sad shape. I prefer the Seche Rebuild.

Just another view there. These turned out well as far as color and showing the shimmer in this polish, actually.

Yeeeahhhh. I had helped this along a little. I can't stand chipping polish and I want it off so I tend to pick at it, but this was on there pretty well. I didn't get a lot off. Like my nubbin, there? *sigh*. It's slowly growing out.

SO...this lasted a week with some care which really, that's about all you can ask for from a standard polish. Gels are all the rage and they will last longer, but not in my experience. So, do what you will with those.

Still such a pretty color. I really love it! And it wore like a Lippmann should!

Happy Talons!

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